Holton History

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Domesday Book, 1086


Hundred: Blachethorna
County: Somerset
Total population: 6 households (quite small).
Total tax assessed: 2 geld units (quite small).
Taxable units: Taxable value 2 geld units.
Value: Value to lord in 1086 £1.5, Value to lord c. 1070 £1.
Households: 1 villager. 4 smallholders. 1 slave.
Ploughland: 2 ploughlands (land for). 1 lord's plough teams. 0.5 men's plough teams.
Other resources: 1.5 lord's lands. Meadow 6 acres. Woodland 6 acres.
Livestock in 1086: 1 cobs. 2 cows. 12 pigs. 12 sheep.
Lord in 1066: Alnoth.
Lord in 1086: Aelfric.
Tenant-in-chief in 1086: Humphrey (the chamberlain).