North Vale Parish Council Minutes: July 20th 2015



Councillors:; Nick Haggett; Janet Down; James Lee; Lesley Tyson; Jenny Chambers; David Young;Gillian Freeman;William Wallace; David Badham-Thornhill


Phil Bourne - Clerk & parishioner Graham Skillen of North Cheriton.


Councillors: Tim Inglefield;Richard Biss


  • David Badham-Thornhill— Issued with Register of Interests

  • David Badham-Thornhill - Signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office with counter signatory by Clerk to the Parish Council.


  • Graham Skillen raised the issue of continued speeding at Cheriton Hill and the Shepherds Cross & Holton Safety improvement recommendations. Regarding the recommendations he expressed his gratitude to Councillor William Wallace and the North Vale Parish Council who assisted in representing the interests of North Cheriton at Somerset County Council. Graham noted that the current 30mph repeater signs are in a poor state and not positioned in a manner that are effective. Clerk will follow up with Traffic & Transport Development Group. Councillor William Wallace took an action to discuss with Geoff Dyke the possibility of increasing signage on the Cheriton Hill / Shepherds Cross section to improve further the safety of this section of road.

Declarations of Interest / Dispensations

  • None

Minutes of last meeting

  • Signed as an accurate reflection of last meeting minutes by Chairman of the Council

Matters ArisinG

  1. Holton residents request to Adopt a Kiosk ( 0196333014 ) for £1 - Parish Council will finance purchase but require confirmation that funding will be obtained from the village to support its maintenance. Clerk to discuss with Holton Village Hall Committee.

  2. Japanese Knotweed' siting on Hook Lane. Clerk to contact County Council.

  3. North Cheriton Shepherds Cross clarification of signage resolved, no further actions.

  4. North Cheriton footpath WN20/4 & WN20/3 overgrown and locked gates. Clerk to contact Peter Clackson regarding WN20/3. Ownership of WN20/4 still under investigation.

  5. Investigate who the North Cheriton Cemetery trustees are - Trustees will be current North Cheriton Councillors. Nominated spokesperson required from within the Council group.

  6. Investigate old A303 missing rubbish bin - bin present but donated by unknown resident. Original bin bought by Holton Parish Council some years ago. Clerk to investigate further.

  7. Concern regarding Gate to Bridle Way by side of A303. Clerk to contact Eve Wynn. Councillor William Wallace to liaise with Eve Wynn.


  1. 15/02617/FUL Mr & Mrs Woodhouse application for all weather manage and use of land as equestrian. Lower Cheriton Lane, North Cheriton, Somerset, BA8 OAP. No objections.

  2. 15/02607/FUL Mr. Terry Bennett application to remove pre-fabricated classrooms, erection of 6 classrooms, demolition of existing outbuilding and erection of replacement and enlarge car park. Marchant Holliday School, North Cheriton, BA8 OAH. No objections.

  3. 15/02674/FUL Mr K Higgins application for change of use of part of single storey unit from business use to residential use to provide a 1-bedroomed annexe for sole use by occupants of Brandywell Farm (GR368786/127557). Brandywell Farm, Higher Holton, Wincanton, Somerset, BA9 8AP. No objections

Planning Others

  1. 15/02057/FUL Ms Sarah Snell application for extension of the first floor to create an additional bedroom. Home Farm Cottage, Maperton Road, Maperton BA9 8EH. Full Approval.

  2. 15/00437/COU Norman Crofts application for use of barn and land from agricultural to mixed use agricultural and caravan storage. Approved for change of use.

  3. 15/02583/FUL Mr. K Higgins application for side extension to house at Brandywell Farm, Higher Holton. Full approval.


  1. Pension Wise - Backed by HM Government (FYI)

  2. Somerset Community Foundation eNewsletter (FYI)

  3. Somerset Waste Partnership (FYI)

  4. Somerset County Council Chairmans Award for Service to the Community

  5. SSDC Free Planning Training (FYI) - Councillors Gillian Freeman, David Badham-Thornhill and Lesley Tyson to attend on September 24th at Yeovil.


  1. E A GALE'S PARISH LANDS CHARITY (281148) - Annual Return completed & Trustee amendments

  2. Grove Lane / A357 white lines completed

  3. Gale Trust meeting with North Cheriton Councillor - status update by James Lee. Brian Kilford representing the Gale Trust has agreed to repair the oak shingles of North Cheriton Stocks. North Vale Parish Council gratefully accepts the Gales Trust offer to undertake this.


  1. Authorise Cheques:North Cheriton Village Hall cheque payment of £10

  2. Account review: Total Funds ( 2 accounts ) £9962.39. YTD payments £1501.67

  • Meeting finished at 8.45 pm

Phil Bourne - Clerk North Vale Parish Council


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