North Vale Parish Council Minutes: August 24 2015



Councillors:; Janet Down; Lesley Tyson; Jenny Chambers; David Young; William Wallace; David Badham-Thornhill; Tim Inglefield


Phil Bourne - Clerk ; Parishioners - Barry Bryan, Maria Bourne, Susie Cook, Mike Woof, Jan Hannam, Sylvia Beaton, Chris Statham


Councillors: Gillian Freeman; Nick Haggett; James Lee;Richard Biss



Declarations of Interest / Dispensations


Minutes of last meeting

Signed as an accurate reflection of last meeting minutes by Chairman of the Council

Matters arising Part 1

  1. William Wallace announced availability of funds in support of health and well being in local communities. Each County Councillor can award a maximum of £5000 in total, within their district of responsibility. Requested from the parish council and attending parishioners recommendations.


  1. 15/03131/LBC Mr Tim Banwell application for replacement windows ( Wooden single glazed with Wooden double glazed ). The Nook, Holton St, Holton. BA9 8AN. Parish Council has no objections.

  2. 15/03199/FUL Mr. Victor Pease application to demolish existing precast concrete industrial building and replace with a pair of 3 bed semi-detached chalets. The Old Brickyard, Witherley Farm, Maperton, BA9 8EG. Parish Council request clarification on suitability of foundations and access availability for farmer Richard Harvey.

  3. 15/03372/COU Mr Laurence Wadman application for change of use of redundant agricultural buildings to B1 (Business), B2 (General industrial) and B8 (Storage or distribution)(GR 368250/127287). High Winds, Higher Holton, BA9 8AU - Parish council objects to the request. Would like further clarification on traffic impact via Independent Highways Assessor. Seeking confirmation regarding Policy SS2 on Rural Settlements.

  4. Objections received in writing from Chris & Maureen Statham. Raised concerns regarding impact on local community, traffic increase, damage to tourism, size of complex and unnecessary conversion when Wincanton has dedicated industry park and better road network to support increased traffic.

  5. Objections received direct to clerk from Maria Bourne. Traffic increase and danger to local residents in village with no footpaths.

  6. Objections received direct to clerk from Sue Cook

  7. Clerk Phil Bourne objects to application on grounds of increased traffic, concerns on what is being stored and unnecessary need with Wincanton Industrial Park 2 miles away with existing road network in place.

  8. Barry Bryan raised objections regarding increased traffic especially if site used as a distribution centre. General concerns regarding what will be stored ( hazardous waste ). Site expansion.

  9. John Rook of Yew Tree Cottage objected

  10. Mike Woof raised concerns what the site would be used for and increased traffic and speeding. Already an issue as recognised by Somerset Community Speed Watch.


  1. Holton Village Hall Committee will respond regarding broader interest in Adopting the Kiosk and would take ownership and responsibility. No objections from Parish Council.

  2. Jenny Chambers reported damaged Salt Bin at Clapton Lane. The Bin does not belong to Somerset Council. Parish Council would need to purchase new one. David Young to investigate if previous sponsor will fund a new one ( Crestmoor )

  3. Jenny Chambers reported Dancing Cross road visibility being partially obscured by vegetation. The owner will have a card popped through the door requesting it is cut down. John Nicholson, Assistant Highway Service Manager dealing.

  4. Footpaths - Spoke with Peter Clackson recently regarding footpath on his land. He believes responsibility for keeping it clear lies with the footpath authority. Have contacted Eve Wynn to advise on responsibility.

  5. Lesley Tyson responded to Wheelie bin stickers as an effective and cost effective way of encouraging drivers to slow down and stick to the speed limit. Especially in 30mph residential areas. These stickers are classed a temporary signs and the visual impact is increased as they will only be used once/twice weekly.Prices vary with quantity. For example, the average order for a single parish is 500 stickers, with a total cost of £210.00 (delivered). Bulk quantities start with packs of 50 at £43.50. Parish Council agreed to purchase 50.

  6. Lesley Tyson outlined the adopt a footpath scheme. Clery to investigate and promote via Notice Boards.

  7. Japanese Knotweed' siting on Hook Lane. John Nicholson, Assistant Highway Service Manager is investigating and will advise next steps.

  8. SALC Transparency Compliance Questionnaire - Completed




  1. South Somerset Together, the Local Strategic Partnership invites you to a Housing Assembly on Thursday 12th November, 16:30 – 19:30 at the District Council Offices in Brympton Way, Yeovil. Registration is from 16:15. (FYI)

  2. Somerset County Council Number changes (FYI)

  3. Mindline free service for people in Somerset.It is an out of hours helpline that is here for people that are in distress, feel isolated, distressed or upset. Does the Praise Council want posters placed on the Notice Boards - DISCUSS

  4. Public Sector Executive Newsletter on Shale Gas. (FYI)

  5. Somerset Community Foundation eNewsletter (FYI)

  6. SALC AGM - September 26, Yeovil (FYI)

  7. Flood Risk Management Event September 28, Yeovil. Councillor attendance requested


Clerk Phil Bourne stepping down effective August 24, 2015 with last Parish Council meeting in attendance being September 21.

Hannah Crofts co-opted as a Holton Parish Councillor


  1. Authorise Cheques:Holton Village Hall cheque payment of £10

  2. Andy Greene grass cutting ( 10 June, 23 July ) cheque for £80

  3. Account review: Total Funds ( 2 accounts ) £9521.74 YTD payments £1591.67

  • Meeting finished at 8.35 pm

Phil Bourne - Clerk North Vale Parish Council


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